Exploration of Sights and Sounds

Cantor Dust began, in Winnipeg, as a solo project by Mark Klassen. As a performer and recording artist, Klassen has released 9 albums beginning in 2005 with the dark and fuzzy synth album Swallowed by the Night. Shortly after, Mark began what turned into a run of annually released instrumental albums, known as the Songs to Part Oceans By series, spanning from 2005 to 2008.
These albums explored more stream-of-consciousness composition and were centered heavily around the piano, growing more fully orchestrated as years went by.
A new level of exploration with symphonic composition contributed to the full sound of his 2009 release, Blind Date, a story of a man dealing with the perils of an interplanetary relationship.


Following Blind Date, Mark was joined by percussionist Jeff Konwalchuk. The two began composing new pieces that were included on the album Safaris I’ve Been On. To celebrate the 2011 release of Safaris…, Kelly Ruth (voice, trumpet) and Natanielle Felicitas (cello) were invited to contribute to a more acoustic interpretation of the songs. And so began the exploration of sights and sounds with Cantor Dust as a quartet.

Mark Klassen – keys,vocals
Jeff Konwalchuk – percussion
Natanielle Felicitas – cello
Kelly Ruth – trumpet,vocals


Safaris I’ve Been On Safaris I’ve Been On

Badly Beaten Man On A Worn Path badly beaten man on a worn path

Introduction To A Man Of Many Members Introduction







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